About the Primary Author

I am a gender-nonconforming, female-assigned, person who loves velocity, and the thrill of pushing my body beyond what I thought were my limits. I race primarily track, cyclocross and road cycling disciplines, and am a recent alumni of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC). I am also an elected member of the USA Cycling Collegiate Sport Committe and an active member of the women’s advisory board. My next great love is that of spreading the joy of cycling by introducing new riders to the sport.  As Development Coordinator, Track Coordinator, and Interim Team Captain, I was central to Yale Cycling leadership between 2012 and 2015. Additionally, I am the ECCC Track Coordinator and serve as an Introduction to Bicycling program coach for the ECCC.

Beyond cycling, I am a healthcare professional. I live with my fiancé and combined stable of 15 bicycles. I am increasingly flexible on pronouns, and amused by mid-sentence switches. I have presented primarily as a guy in my professional and academic life for the past ten years, despite rejecting many of the traditional trappings of masculinity. Who said guys can’t wear glitter nailpolish and eyeliner?

I socially identify as a guy, but not as male – who said identities were simple? Despite identifying as a guy, being recognized as a female athlete while out on the road is important! I’m pretty darned proud of growing up a Girl Scout, and I love being a part of the growing women’s cycling community, and I embrace the complexity and confusion of it all. I chose to not proceed with physical transition for personal reasons, discovering that it simply wasn’t right for me. I’m ok with this body as it is and cycling has helped with that acceptance. Ahead of being on the grey scale of the trans* spectrum, I identify myself as a cyclist, bibliophile, and a person with a differently able body (I have chronic illness and an ileostomy, that’s a different blog post!).

Prior to 2014, when I publicly came out as trans* with my petition to USA Cycling to be recategorized into the women’s elite competitive field, trans* politics rarely entered into my life. I was living as a guy, largely stealth.


On the track.

Please see the post, Not A Lady, for an explanation of why I requested a change of license and to race in women’s cycling, why consulting medical professionals testified that I was physiologically female and had no physical advantage in a women’s competitive field, and why my request was approved by USAC. You’ll also find a brief trans* 101 primer in that post.

Statement of Purpose

Policies of inclusion are essential for the future participation of trans* and gender non-conforming people in sports – in this case, cycling. For policy developments to be valid and effective, we must continue the conversation with meaningful inclusion of trans* people’s voices.

This blog is an assemblage of writings on what it means to include trans* people in competitive cycling, how trans* bodies fit into policy, and the realities that surround the issues of competition and regulation of competitors.  Posts will include writings of a more academic nature regarding questions of sports policy, as well as those of a more personal nature documenting my own travels through competitive cycling and its regulations.

Sometimes I also dabble in the more personal.


I do not speak for any trans* or GNC (gender non-conforming) person besides myself. I can only speak from my own life experiences, and from the stories that my peers have shared with me.  I am nobody’s spokesperson.

I am able to participate in a very public conversation on trans* issues because I have immense social, class, race and class privilege.  I am a guy who lives in one of the most liberal states in the country. All of these things combined make it safe for me to have these conversations, or race in a women’s race, or race a bicycle at all.

The views expressed on this blog do not represent those of Yale Cycling or USA Cycling, any non-collegiate team that I may race with, or their membership.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. My name isTonya Annalise . I’m a transsexual cyclist on the verge of starting her first cycling season . My worries are the same as every tans cyclist …. who and where do I train without being bullied . Not that that’s an issue since I a Marine Corps veteran , but I want to be known as a loving trans woman , not a bada– . A true competitor without gender boundaries . My first race is slated to be the Show-Me State Games , and the Commish said as long as I compete in my gender assigned category , there were no problems . I’m good with that . I’d rather race the men . Show them , the world , that we are just as fierce a competitor as a non-trans athlete . I can and I will , provided my health gets better . A year of migraine vertigo kind sucks . I’m ready . Good luck in the many races to come . Missouri State Time Trial Championship is the race I’ve got my eyes on . I have to see what USA cycling has to say . Probably the same as the commissioner of the Show me games . That’s fine . But it will be interesting to see what they say . I’ll still choose men’s Cat4 . Best of wishes ….


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